<Untitled spaces> is about easily overlooked spaces. These space are created when highways cross one another and become a fascinating new territory, one with no proper name or a generally recognized definition. These variable spaces have very limited information about them, therefore I abandon realistic representations of those spaces as I put my personal experience into diorama. In this work, I pay attention to possibility of this perceptually abandoned space where anything can happen.


There is a space which has no name between intersecting roads. We encounter this space every day but we barely perceive it as a legit 'space'. This makes me think of it as space which makes everything happen. Based on what I witnessed, I deconstruct and reconstruct this space.


<Unfound artworks> series is a case study for me to find a possibility to be ‘artwork’ in a random combination of objects that I found on the street. Regardless of their cultural meaning, I try to find and represent beauty in their figure itself.


In <uncertain things>, I make simple alterations to clear objects, like hardware, in order to make them undetermined. The fragments of everyday life that I find at hardware stores, their mechanism or contribution to life, do not work functionally themselves in relation to me, because I have no prior knowledge to their use. By contaminating them with various materials, such as pipes, clamps and many small part of mundane objects, they are restored to an uncertain state that can be interpreted through their material relationships.

As objects enter to following phases like 2, 3 and 4, manipulated uncertainty of them got escalated increasingly. In phase 2, I focus on virtual space where a random combination of objects is happening. In this space, the sculptures can be held together with other sculptures and destructed partially without any limit. Images of objects are fragmented, overly packed, zoomed and copped to escalate the uncertainty in phase 3. In phase 4, I employ 3d Scanning app to add unexpected distortion.

The Circulation Of Intentional Uncertainty

This installation is the result of a series of sequential installations I make of everyday objects and quotations which I collect as a way to work through anxiety caused by Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I photograph and videotape each iteration and then add the documentation to the final installation which is a record of my anxiety and obessesion about making the “right” decision.

Video document inspired by a pinball machine is the part of installation and also final piece including whole narrative of my journey of anxiety and obsession. Like pinball’s movement, striking an idea and then it makes ball’s direction to be changed and strike another idea again, they explain how my brain works when I want to find a comfort zone in overthinking. I don’t finish thinking on purpose and just move to another thing with tiny relations or even nothing. Same as channel surfing on the couch, the ball bounces and hits ideas quickly to find comfort. In this process, my mind and emotional state fluctuate like harsh waves. But After reaching comfort zone, I start to enjoy this waves like a surfer.

Through this series of works, I visualize the things that happen in my brain and take this chance to complete its personal definition.